Back in August I had the pleasure of hosting Trillectro, an amazing festival that not only gave fans the chance to see their favorite artists perform, but also gave talented new artists a platform to be heard. This festival introduced me to so many amazing acts over the past two years, from SZA to Gold Link,Chance The RapperJMSN, and my new favorite…Masego!

The festival, which started around 11am, was off to a slow start. Apparently everyone in Virgina had partied too hard the night before and decided to arrive fashionably late. The artists who were billed to perform in the morning had to really pull energy out of themselves, because they most certainly were not getting enough from the crowd. I did my part to try and make it an early party, but there’s only so much a gal can do! Then….there was Masego!

"After I introduced each act, I would go stand in the wings and get some snaps of the crowd or use that time to go to the ladies room. This time I was about to walk away from the stage when I heard a song start to play….I had to come back and see what was going down on that stage.

A quirky, cool dude with a smile that could light up a room with no voltage was playing the harmonica and dancing in a way I have only seen in movies. His energy was contagious, and he hadn’t even shown a quarter of his skills yet.

As the set continued, we would see that this dude could sing, rap, play the sax, AND dance all at the same time. I walked back on stage when his show was finished and announced that this was by far one of the coolest live performances I had ever seen.

I got a chance to catch up with Masego and his band backstage and invited him to my pool party that was happening the next day. (Shout out my gal@NormaNow#BestDayEver coming to a city near you this Summer! #hinthint)

Masego and crew pulled up to the pool where the YesJulz! Agency Squad and the Tsunami clan (Shouts to our bae Kehlani!) welcomed them with open arms. We had a toast, clowned around, and danced the night away.

I told Masego to keep me posted on his progress and he kept his word. One of my favorite tracks off of his latest Pink Polo EP has just gotten it’s visual treatment and mannnnn, am I digging this video!

Medasin, a young producer from Texas and a member of the Noir Sound Collective is the mastermind behind the beat. The colorful visuals can be credited to director The Second Letter & the treatment was written by none other than Masego himself with assistance from Anthony Alston."

Via - YesJulz.com