The Fader: Rapper Khary Starts Anew With “Ambidextrous” Video

"The New York-via-Rhode Island rapper Khary kicks off a new chapter in his young career with this new video for “Ambidextrous.” He’s come a long way and the song says just that. I can make it work is his mantra, and and it’s hard not to believe him when he goes on to boast, I can use my right, I can use my left, I don't need no fucking help.

The video showcases his high energy, new look and collective, the Swim Team. “We set out to make an energetic music video that captures who I am right now," said Khary in an email to The FADER. "I've recently dropped my last name off my moniker, started a collective with my friends, and twisted my hair so I wanted to capture this moment. It's the beginning of my career."

See Khary live, as he embarks "Captain Yellow Coat Tour Pt. II," starting this week."

Via - The Fader